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The money generated by cam sites is hundreds of millions of dollars at least, and possibly upwards of billion annually, according to industry insiders and analysts surveyed by .

A recent internal study by one company estimates that the now global industry boasts an average of at least 12,500 cam models online at any given time and more than 240,000 users.

Live, which is based in Luxembourg and has long been the most popular camming site on the Web, ranks as one of the 100 most popular websites in the world.

According to, Live Jasmin generates more than 9 million unique viewers a month.

Cox is working on a program called Models to the Web, which will allow fans to pay for their favorite model’s college tuition, donate to her retirement account or pay any of her other bills and be given instant authentication of where the funds are going.

“It’ll be a verified model,” Cox says, “so they can sponsor that model.

Like, ‘I love this model so much that I want to pay for her health insurance and I want to give her 0.’”Other websites have cropped up aimed directly at the growing confluence of porn and relationships.

My Girl, which bills itself as a social networking community that promotes the connection between cam models and fans (and where “you’ll find some of the hottest amateur porn in the world,” according to the site’s Tumblr page), has become a popular destination for many.“It’s really a relationship site,” says My Girl Fund’s Director of Business Development Stefan Patrick.

“Why would I go and do all these jobs, these hard jobs, for hours when I can do [camming] half the time and make twice as much? ”It’s ridiculous.”The money varies from show to show, Sunderland says, but on an uneventful day she earns around 0 for a three-hour performance.

“Members do get close to each other so we are worried for these young women.

You can kind of cross into the cons of Craigslist and Backpage and all the issues they’ve had.” Both Craigslist and Backpage became havens for prostitution and, in some cases, sex trafficking.

Sunderland’s exhibition at Oregon State, where she was a student at the time, has helped catapult her into the ranks of the world’s top cam models—the notorious new face of a booming enterprise that is powering some of the Internet’s most highly trafficked websites and most lucrative businesses.

To hear Sunderland describe it, camming is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

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