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Demesmaeker and Tremosa are among a group of around 26 MEPs who support the Catalan politician and who had lunch with him recently at Hotel Leopold.But the N-VA denies making any contributions, either in the form of cash, housing or transportation, to the Catalan group.A center spokesman said that his agency is in charge of “guaranteeing the safety of 3,000 foreign dignitaries annually.” This center “is also responsible for coordinating security measures for Mr Puigdemont and the other members of the Catalan government.” A key political support is the nationalist party New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), whose president, Bart De Wever, is the mayor of Antwerp.In November, De Wever published an English-language essay about the evolution of Flemish nationalism that was filled with comparisons with the history of Catalan nationalism.Tanto si tienes identificado tu reto como si necesitas consejo, podrás conseguir resultados en poco tiempo.Join Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust in this whimsical bubble-shooter game!Puigdemont says he has been harassed by television reporters from Spain’s private network La Sexta.And on November 14, Antena 3 sent journalists on a search of the Belgian commune of Uccle after getting wind that the Catalan politician was hiding out there.

The rally was attended by supporters who had arrived in Belgium from Catalonia to attend the Thursday demonstration in Brussels’ European neighborhood.

Details about who is financing the latter’s stay in Belgium remain a mystery.

Every Tuesday, the group holds a “legitimate government” cabinet meeting in a secret location.

Another key individual is Joan Maria Piqué, Puigdemont’s communications coordinator.

Piqué was previously the press chief for former Catalan premier Artur Mas, and became known for coming down hard on the media.

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