The fractionation technique dating

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Common complaints that we hear from guys who seek our help here at the Baltimore Lair include: Any of these sound familiar to you? This kind of saddens me because grieving over these problems is hardly necessary…

Don’t get me wrong: I am discouraging you from using Boyfriend Destroyers in any way. First of all, you’ve got to realize that all “she treats me as a friend” problem stems from one thing: “Contextual Rapport” It’s the kind of rapport that is strictly platonic.Given the breadth of this topic, it is indeed quite impossible to be covered completely in this short guide.However, here’s a shortcut “Non-Verbal Attraction” technique which you can use immediately: before you mirror her particular movement.Observe her reaction to that – and if you’ve broken Contextual Rapport then you should see some hints of jealousy in her. Also, consider using Fractionation on her – it’s a proven Contextual Rapport breaker and will get you out of the friend zone in no time. The truth is that you’ll need a slew of long distance strategies through texting, Facebook messaging, emailing and calls… And at the same time, pray hard that nobody uses Boyfriend Destroyer techniques on her because while you’re away, she’ll be particularly, well, .You can, however, “inoculate” her from advances from other guys, and at the same time use hypnosis on her in order for her to stay loyal.

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