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An example is “You were really angry about that” or “That made you very excited! Here are some examples and links that may help you further understand how a Feelings Chart works: Here is another resource for neutral faces that you would want to offer for the chart.

Instead, practice reflecting their feelings back to them and validating their emotions. Another way to process their feelings can also be “I wonder what would have made that less scary” (or hurtful, etc.) or “I wonder what feelings go with the one you felt” (happy with excited, angry with sad, etc.). Feelings Chart is helpful to you and your child in many ways, but creating a special time with him/her to debrief about the day is useful for communication, bonding and mutual understanding.Feel free to share your own feelings throughout the day with your child…Your child may only choose one face during the day or may choose many.The key is not in how many feelings are expressed, but rather that the child learns to associate feelings with words.

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