Seriøse dating sider Hedensted

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1 Abstract - fælles For several years there has been an increased focus on globalisation, the environment, and the development within the society.

The majority of Danish companies use the recent focus to improve their image by changing their company profile towards a greener one.

Randers Regionshospital is one of the companies experiencing those challenges at the moment.

In order for Webloftet to customize fincle to Randers Regionshospital, they need to do further research of the target group to understand their needs and possibly prevent some of the barriers the employees could have towards the system.The communication strategy covers the present situation in the market which elaborates in sections about: Danish culture and behaviour, organisational culture, market description, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, and segmentation.Furthermore we include barriers, advantages and competition regarding fincle as well as value propositions, brand-customer relationship and the goal of the communication plan.The prospect of closing down several parking spaces, in the process of establishing a new scheduled parking basement, is expected to further deteriorate the situation.So fare the solutions proposed to solve this issue has been insufficient and unsatisfactory to the primary decision maker which had lead Randers Regionshospital to contact the IT company Webloftet.

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