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Combining this with a period of relaxation, perhaps by reading something light, meditating, or taking a hot bath can also help you get better sleep. Caffeine, which can stay in your system as long as 14 hours, increases the number of times you awaken at night and decreases the total amount of sleep time.This may subsequently affect daytime anxiety and performance.All that said, here are some sleep hygiene tips to help you relax, fall asleep, stay asleep, and get better sleep so that you wake up refreshed and alert. Avoid watching TV, eating, and discussing emotional issues in bed. If not, we can associate the bed with other activities and it often becomes difficult to fall asleep. Minimize noise, light, and temperature extremes during sleep with ear plugs, window blinds, or an electric blanket or air conditioner. But if you have problems falling asleep, then no naps for you. Do not expose your self to bright light if you need to get up at night. Having a smoke before bed, although it may feel relaxing, is actually putting a stimulant into your bloodstream. Caffeine is also a stimulant and is present in coffee (100-200 mg), soda (50-75 mg), tea (50-75 mg), and various over-the-counter medications.Even the slightest nighttime noises or luminescent lights can disrupt the quality of your sleep. Caffeine should be discontinued at least four to six hours before bedtime.This cycle may be altered by the timing of various factors, including naps, bedtime, exercise, and especially exposure to light (from traveling across time zones to staring at that laptop in bed at night).

Many, many sleep disorders go unrecognized for years, leading to unnecessary suffering, poor quality of life, accidents, and great expense.Stay away from protein and stick to carbohydrates or dairy products.Milk contains the amino acid L-tryptophan, which has been shown in research to help people go to sleep.It greatly influences when we sleep and the quantity and the quality of our sleep.The more stable and consistent our circadian rhythm is, the better our sleep.

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