Ruthie and the not so tiny lie online dating

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When men don’t treat you well, don’t hesitate to cut off communication with them so you’ll be free to find a guy who treats you properly.Choose purity now so you can enjoy true intimacy later.Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your mind so you can overcome temptation by thinking pure thoughts that will lead to pure behavior in your dating life.

Confess your insecurities to God and ask him to heal you and help you develop the confidence that he wants you to enjoy.

Adapted from Ruthie and Michael Dean grew up just down the street from one another, but not being fans of convenience, they fell in love long-distance while Ruthie lived in China and Michael lived in Germany.

Now happily married, the Deans love to run, take advantage of Sunday coffee dates (without technology), and can often be spotted driving around Nashville in Michael's classic Ford truck.

Never reveal too much personal information in your online profiles, such as how much money you make or where you live.

Sign up for the best online dating service you can afford, since free and cheap sites tend to attract men looking for hookups rather than serious relationships.

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