Pre recorded web cam girls

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We ordered this camera on thanksgiving just because it was on sale.It was delivered by Saturday and I installed it immediately.There were some breakups of the sound at times though, making me miss some of the audio detail.But night vision is dark, it is not easy to make out items SETUPSet up took me less than 11 minutes which includes downloading the app and logging into all accounts. Basically you just plug the camera in to the AC adapter, download the Amazon Cloud Cam app to your phone, wait for the blue blinking light on the camera to change to a pulsating blue and green light, and you will hear a chime sound. Then you just hit the setup button on your phone and in about 3 minutes it is working.I open the app and see that my house had caught on fire and my dog was stuck inside.After calling 911 and a neighbor to break in to rescue our dog, I reopened the app to see the entire room filled with smoke and the fire blazing in the kitchen.I have tried to answer as many of the common questions about this camera as I could.I am not sure why, but there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially in some of the top reviews.

But as of now, I have to look at each one individually, and then hit the delete button each time. I might take a star off for this in the future (maybe it is just something I do not see or have figured out? ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ASKED• While you can download videos to a PC, as of today you cannot view live stream on a PC• It has no local SD storage• If there is any sound, it plays thru your phone very clearly• You can turn off audio playback.• It only records if it detects movement.• This is an indoor camera only, it is not waterproof• You can turn the camera on/off through the app• When the camera detects motion, you receive a text and sound alert via a cell phone• You can turn off the IR (infrared night light)• It does not pan or zoom• Night vision is dark, not easy to make out items• While camera viewing is wireless, it requires a wire to power it (it is not battery operated)• You can have the camera image rotate 180 degrees for ceiling mounting• Does not require a base station (some do, yet I have no idea what a base station is)THOUGHTSI have not owned another camera to influence me one way or another.Included in the main box were the camera, USB cable, AC adaptor for 110 voltage, small setup manual, wall mount and two drywall screws (see photos).OVERALL FIRST IMPRESSIONSCamera seems well made and a little smaller than I thought it would be. The image on the live view in daylight was good (see photo), images appeared sharp and easy to identify. I turned on the TV, went into another room and was easily able to watch the TV and hear the sound very clearly when it came through.It does not take pictures but you can easily do this by just taking a screenshot (see photo) on your android phone, normally this is just hitting the power button and volume button at the same time.Or you could do a Print Screen on your computer when viewing recorded video clips.

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