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You can also tap hotkeys attached to certain powers for different effects, and you actively block by holding the shift key and tap a key to break free from holds.As a result of all this power charging and energy balancing, you'll be more active during battles than in most similar games, switching quickly between targets and grabbing temporary power-ups when enemies drop them, all while firing off shards of ice or summoning minions to your side.But the immediate thrills of showing off your angel-winged, shark-headed creation eventually wear off, and while the fun combat and little details will keep you grinning, Champions Online doesn't mine the possibilities as deeply as it could.Massively multiplayer online games typically deliver expansive and diverse experiences that thrive on their enormous scope and replayability. You and your fellow players may all look different and use unique combinations of powers, but you'll all be taking the same quests in the same five areas--two of which you won't even see until you get close to level 30 (the level cap is 40).Yet while Champions lacks depth, it's flexible enough to make even Plastic Man giddy.This is obvious from the moment you start the game and face the daunting task of creating a superhero.Your powers--and those of others--further brighten the crisp visuals.Most power effects are cool and colorful, which makes them a blast to perform.

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As you level up and visit trainers at aptly named powerhouses, you can pick and choose powers from various disciplines.Your battle effectiveness is further enhanced by upgrades and devices that you loot from fallen foes or purchase at auction.Devices usually have a very straightforward use: summon an icy blizzard, or call a gang of thugs to join you for a short time, for example.True to its graphic novel inspirations, Champions uses a vivid color palette and keeps textural details to a minimum, though that isn't to say there aren't plenty of visual pleasures.Billboards towering overhead (or underneath you, if you are flying about), cragged desert cliffs, and warehouses teeming with fiery demons give you plenty to gawk at.

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