Marsha ambrosius dating the game

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It’s not fair of me to say I could be her because I just lost weight.

She had a baby and lost that weight so kudos to her!

AE: Oh my god, you actually called your fans and sang to them over the phone? You’ve done an incredible job of getting back into shape, are you going to be the next J-Hud?

MA: Yeah, I have over 60,000 followers online and people were tweeting me their real numbers, so I was like, the fact that these people sent me their real numbers and were like, “Just call me to say hello,” I was like, alright! It’s nice to have a direct line of communication back to people that really respect what you do. MA: You know what, I can’t be the next J-Hud because she had a whole baby!

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It wasn’t until recently hearing about the singing faction of the group, Marsha Ambrosius, releasing a solo album and then watching the powerful video for her gorgeous single, “Far Away,” that I put two and two together.

I can still remember the first time I heard the powerful soul-filled voice of England’s Marsha Ambrosius.

It was a cold day in 2002 and my friend and I made our daily walk to Virgin Records (when those still existed in Chicago) to browse around and spend pretty much our entire paychecks on the latest releases.

Were you in New York while they were hit with a ton of snow recently?

Marsha Ambrosius: I’m in Philadelphia, just a few hours away but yeah we were hit hard.

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