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The majority of the sites actually encourage discreet encounters or even affair dating.

None of the sites that I’m about to share with you are considered to be mainstream at all.

Saskia says the easiest way to make your profile picture stand out is not to look too washed-out (left) but instead use a pop of colour (right).Of course, I use a number of different sites and have tried more than I can count on my hand.The good news for you is that I’m basically taking the guessing out of all of it for you.That could mean booking yourself in for a manicure, getting active and staying away from the take-away menus'Saskia set up the UK’s first dating profile picture photography service, Hey Saturday, three years ago and since then she says she has been inundated with cries for help from people let down by their profile picture.‘I’m driven by my passion for giving people the confidence to approach online dating with the belief that they can and will find love online.The first step is often getting that picture stands out from the crowd.’Before you attempt to look good in front of the camera, you have to believe you look good.

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