Dating site that requires credit cards

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Summary There are no hard and fast rules that can tell you who is a good credit risk and who is not.There are cases where the poorest of people pay their bills promptly, while the wealthy ignore them.You will learn when to resort to external resources such as collection agencies or the courts and how to use them to your advantage.Benefits If you apply the techniques you learn in this section to the management of your business, your dollars tied up in accounts receivable should be reduced, allowing for profitable application elsewhere. Many potential credit problems can be eliminated before they happen through investigation and prudent judgment when granting credit to customers.You will learn how to initiate a collection program with all accounts, the delinquent and the not yet delinquent.You will learn how to follow up by mail and telephone to accelerate collections and the flow of cash to your business.After all, your own business purchases are probably on credit.

You stand to lose your cost of the product or service sold to the customer if you cannot collect an account. Those wallet-size credit cards are accepted all over the world in millions of stores for many millions of products and services.To be competitive, you too must offer credit to your customers.You will learn how to analyze your accounts receivable to determine whether or not a problem exists, if corrective action is needed, or if reevaluation of your credit and collection policies is necessary.You will learn how to evaluate credit applications so that many problems can be eliminated before they occur.

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