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Of course, since we do not yet know what precisely those 'administrative' or 'governance' failures were, it would be in order to await a full report on the incident.

Meanwhile, it would make sense for Mr Jairam Ramesh to more closely tackle the issue of relocating tigers to reserves denuded of their big cat population, not with a view to halting the process — indeed relocation deserves to be fully encouraged — but to assess the dangers that relocated animals face.

When adapting, the least the producers and makers of Indian reality shows can do is ponder upon whether the content clashes with the values and culture of our society.The Minister has done well to underline, yet again, the importance of resettling human population away from tiger reserves.His decision to give Rs 30 crore as additional funds to help the Rajasthan Government hasten the process of resettling human population away from the reserve deserves applause.Unless these are tackled on a war footing, relocation is bound to suffer in its stated purpose of ensuring the presence of big cats across tiger reserves in the country.Experts have pointed to the dangers of relocation in regions that are notorious for poaching, large human settlements in and around reserves that result in animal-man conflicts and unchecked 'developmental' activities such as mining and highways cutting across tiger zones.

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