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We plan to have UNICEF and WHO as our partners, supply them with the devices and support them when needed.

We will approach also non-government organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for funding the purchase and distribution of the Respimometer.

The applicant has developed a rapid point of care PCR-like detection test for veterinary diagnosis of Leptospirosis which does not require the complex and costly equipment associated with conventional PCR.

This test provides an uncomplicated method for the detection of Leptospira in relevant biological fluids.

In phase one of the project we intend to evaluate the feasibility of the rapid DNA detection test to accurately identify Leptospira in human blood in comparison to the gold standard PCR.

So, please observe proper case and enter your legal name.

You can move through the test faster using the TAB key to go forward (SHIFT TAB for backward) and space bar to mark the answer.

The proposed device will incorporate creative thinking to meet the requirements for a product that would be distributed in third world countries.

For that reason, the device was developed and designed to be: In order to successfully appeal to the third world countries, several actions should be taken into account, including, but not confined to: increasing the awareness of such tool and its advantages, providing how-to-use lessons, and distributing it to the clients.

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